AliPanel PRO


Intergalactic Package that contains:

  • AliPanel Pro EA for MT5
  • AliBull Unique Avatar

⚙️ Automate trade volume, SL, TP, pending orders.
? Effortlessly manage SL to BE, scaling out, and TSL.
? Safeguards your trades from news events by closing the trades before them.
⏰ Schedule your trades closures as you wish.

If you purchase this offer, you will receive a unique AliBull Avatar, which will bring you future benefits such as significant discounts on our upcoming products and the possibility of becoming an affiliate.

Tired of manual volume calculations, stop-loss adjustments, and profit planning?
Exhausted from prolonged screen-watching, waiting to manually secure profits (scale out), or adjust stop losses to breakeven or trailing?
Frustrated by taking a loss because you forgot about economic news events?

AliPanel PRO is Your Ultimate Trading Assistant!

Experience the ease and efficiency of AliPanel’s robust trading functions, designed to enhance your trading journey and empower your strategy.

✅ Trade Management:

  • Automated Trade Volume: Let AliPanel do the math for you, based on your account balance, or select a fixed lot size.
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit: Define your SL and TP points from the current market price effortlessly.

✅ Market Orders:

  • Real-Time Market Data: Monitor ask prices, spreads, and bid prices in real-time.
  • Execute Instant Market Orders: Quickly place buy and sell market orders with ease.

✅ Pending Orders:

  • Precise Entry Points:

Set Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, and Sell Limit orders at specific points relative to the current market price.

✅ Risk Management:

  • Break-Even Stop Loss: Automatically move your stop loss to break even after a predefined profit level.
  • Trailing Stop Loss: Configure TSL by setting the start and distance from the maximum profit point.
  • Scale Out: Secure profits by closing a percentage of your lot size after hitting a specified profit target.

✅ Close Trades:

  • News Event Protection: Close trades before high-impact news events by specifying the currency symbol and seconds prior.
  • Scheduled Closures: Plan ahead by setting specific day and hour closures for your trades.
  • Manual Close: Instantly close all open orders and pending orders at the push of a button.
  • For AliPanel EA, you will receive three licenses with a validity of one year.

    To obtain licenses, you need to provide us with your account number. You don’t need to activate all the licenses at the same time; you can request them throughout the year.

    When purchasing AliPanel PRO, please provide your account number in the “Details” section on the order finalization page. Additionally, you can send us the account number for which you want the license at

    After the payment is received, within approximately 24 hours, you will find your product on the website, under your account’s downloads section. So, log in to your account, go to “My Account,” and then click on “Downloads.”

    Ready to simplify your trading, putting precision and control at your fingertips? 

    Don’t wait. Order AliPanel PRO now and put it to work for you starting today!


    When you pay by card, you will see the total amount converted from Euros to Lei, as we are a company from Romania.

    The price for you remains the same.


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