Alien Pro Sierra Template


Revolutionize the way you approach the Futures Market!

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and struggling to make sense of complex trading data?

Discover How Our Institutional Tools and Charts Help You Better Understand Market Moves Without Getting Lost in Overwhelming Information!

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We understand the significance of accurately identifying key areas, determining the primary market direction, and executing trades at the right moment.

That’s why we have integrated the industry’s most renowned tools, used by professional traders, and presented them in user-friendly graphical formats.

Within our Alien Template, you will explore customized features such as Market Profile, Volume Profile, Long and Short-Term VWAPs with standard deviation, Heatmap, DOM, Footprints, Renko/ Volume Charts, Indices Correlation, and an array of other powerful tools.

Let’s delve into the template and uncover the remarkable offerings it holds for you.

How can you use this template?

1. Formulate your bias and identify key zones through HTF (Higher Timeframe) Screen Graphs.

Consider the position of the price in relation to Market Profile Value Area and Longer Timeframe VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price), as well as DVAs (Developing Value Areas).
2. Master the Hunt for Entries
Utilize our custom Renko Chart and footprints to capture optimal entry points.
3. Master Risk Management 
Harness the power of Alien Template Risk Management alerts to effectively manage your trades.

When you pay by card, you will see the total amount converted from Euros to Lei, as we are a company from Romania.

The price for you remains the same.


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