AliEco Calendar News AutoTrader EA for MT5

Capture Significant Market Moves During Economic Calendar News Releases with Second-Precision Using AliEco News EA.

AliEco News helps you to trade the economic calendar news, according to your settings, without the need to be in front of your computer.

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Price increases by 50 euro each month

The offer expires on the 1st of  April 2024.

Do you want to test the EA in Meta Trades Tester?

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Navigate the Alien Economic Calendar News and Catch Skyrocketing Trades with Otherworldly Precision

Here’s how it will assist you in capturing those moves with alien precision:

✅ Automatic Trading on Economic News:

AliEco News AutoTrader intelligently analyzes the economic calendar and executes trades automatically based on your predefined parameters.

It saves you time and effort by swiftly responding to market-moving news events.

✅ Customizable Trade Parameters:

Tailor your trading approach to your exact specifications. Set the distance from the current price for order placement, define stop loss and take profit levels, and specify the desired time before the news release.

With AliEco News AutoTrader, you’re always in control.

✅ Single Trade Execution:

Avoid conflicting positions and unwanted risks. AliEco News AutoTrader ensures that only a single trade is entered at a time, preventing simultaneous long and short positions.

Stay focused on your strategy without unnecessary complications.

✅ AliEco Panel

If you prefare to place your pending orders trades after news releases ot at market price, AliEco Panel allows you to do that with a button click.

✅ Break-Even Stop Loss, Scale Out and Trailing Stop Loss:

Enhance your risk management strategy and maximize profits. AliEco Calendar News AutoTrader allows you a stop loss break even and trailing stop loss option that can protect your gains by adjusting the stop loss level as the trade progresses in your favor. Also, it can scale out a part of the profit.

Here is AliEco Calendar News EA in action & results

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Here is your MT5 arsenal:

  • 24 licenses per year (2 per month)

The validity is until the end of your yearly membership.

If you need more licenses, you can obtain another 24 at half the price

  • BONUS 1: Valuable tables with Eco Calendar Data Collection:

    • table with a collection of data (exact impulsive price move, total price move, drawdown, visual chart with data, etc.) for:
      • US News
      • EUR News
      • GBP News
      • CAD News
    • currency economic strength table
    • collected data table for each high-importance individual eco-news
  • BONUS 2: ATH Discord where we post:

    • weekly economic news in focus
    • weekly market outlook
    • our setup for each Eco News Trade that we trade
  • BONUS 3: Eco News Trading Mini-Course

    • how to determine the main bias
    • economic news hierarchy
    • 3 strategies to trade the news
    • how to overcome the spread/ slippage challenges
    • how to collect the data to establish the best entry, SL, TP trade management for Eco Calendar News
    • how to use AliEco News


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How AliEco Calendar News AutoTrader works?

1. Put the AliEco News Trader EA on the graph.
Simply attach the AliEco News Trader EA to your trading chart in MetaTrader.

2. Set the inputs as you wish.
Set the inputs according to your preferences, including order placement distance, stop loss and take profit levels and timing before news releases.

3. Let the platform open on a computer or a VPS
Ensure that your trading platform remains open on either your computer or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This allows the EA to operate continuously and monitor the market.

4. When the time that you set comes, the EA places orders as you set.
Once the specified time you’ve set for news events arrives, the AliEco News Trader EA takes action. It places orders precisely as you have configured them. EA executes trades based on your instructions.

5. Once an order is activated, the AliEco News Trader EA refrains from entering any other trade

6. If you set the risk management parameters, the AliEco Calendar News can automatically adjust the stop loss to break even when a specified profit level is reached.

Moreover, it can facilitate trail the stop loss to secure gains and manage risk effectively.

All the processes help you be active in the trading world without being constrained to sit in front of the computer.

Why you should trade Economic Calendar News?

Precision Timing: With AliEco News, you know exactly when the trade occurs, ensuring you don’t miss critical market opportunities.

Immediate Market Reaction: Economic news events trigger swift and often substantial price movements, providing immediate trading opportunities.
Rapid Execution: Trades are typically executed quickly, allowing you to stay in a trade for a short period of time and capitalize on short-term market movements.

 High Volatility Trading: AliEco News EA enables you to trade only when high volatility is expected, enhancing your chances of capturing significant price movements.

 Avoiding Choppy Markets: AliEco News helps you steer clear of choppy market conditions, ensuring you focus on trading when conditions are favorable.

 Favorable Win Rate: With the best setup, trades have a good win rate, often exceeding 50%, increasing your chances of profitable outcomes.

 Optimal Risk-Reward Ratio: AliEco News EA empowers you with risk-reward ratios often exceeding 1:2, helping you manage risk effectively while maximizing potential profits.

What You Miss If You Don’t Use AliEco News EA?

Significant Moves That Every Trader Dreams Of: Without AliEco News, you risk missing out on the substantial market moves that every trader dreams of capturing.

 Rapid Trades to Reduce Stress: AliEco News sparing you from the stress of staying in trades for extended periods or continually monitoring your trading platform.

 Fast and Precise Execution for Optimal Entry: Don’t miss the opportunity for lightning-fast and precise trade execution, ensuring you catch the best entry points.

 Automatic Risk Management: AliEco News offers automatic risk management, safeguarding your capital and enhancing your overall trading experience.

 Precise Trade Management Following Your Plan: Without AliEco News, maintaining precise trade management aligned with your plan becomes challenging, potentially impacting your results.

 Eliminate Emotional Decisions: By not using AliEco News, you may find it difficult to eliminate emotional decisions that can negatively impact your trading outcomes.

 Significant Economic Release Trades: When you’re not in front of the computer, you risk missing out on significant economic release trades that AliEco News can execute on your behalf.

AliEco News is ready to capture trades for you as well.

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Economic calendar releases attract institutional traders and are proven to be a successful strategy.

AliEco News operates based on your settings. Please test them thoroughly before using them on a live account.

Remember, like any program, AliEco News has both good and bad periods.

If you can’t tolerate losses, this product may not be suitable for you.

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How do I receive the EA?
After we receive your payment, please send us the account numbers for which you want the licenses via email at

Within approximately 24 hours, you will find your product on the website, in the “Downloads” section of your account. To access it, log in to your account, go to “My Account,” and then click on “Downloads.”

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

How can I use my Ali Bull Avatar?

Most Alien Traders use their avatars as social media profile pictures to be recognized as members of the same hub. Please keep your avatar number secret. With this number, you will receive future benefits, such as discounts, access to the future community, and the posiibility to apply to our affiliate program.

Where can I see the BONUSES
After your order is complete, you will receive an email with a Discord invitation.

You can access all the bonuses in the dedicated channels.

Please note that we do not provide assistance on Discord, and we do not respond to private messages. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

How can I use the information from the shared tables
You can understand the logic behind this system in the mini course “Eco Calendar News Trading.”

Keep in mind that the measurements of the moves can vary from broker to broker. That’s why, if you genuinely want a winning system based on logic rather than guesswork, it is essential to conduct your research, just like any professional trader who approaches trading seriously.

Can I test the EA?

Unfortunately, the MT5 Tester is not connected to the economic calendar database, so you cannot run the EA in the MetaTester.

However, we have developed an AliEco News Test EA in which we manually input the MQL Eco Calendar dates and times when high-impact news events occurred. Now, based on these dates, the AliEco News Test EA knows when to trade.

Please note that we manually collected data only for USD news events to provide a demonstration. So, the results are only for US news. Now, imagine that we have at least 6 more currencies that we trade with AliEco Calendar News: GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, AUD, and NZD. As a result, the number of trades is significantly higher, and the outcomes may differ.

If you want the AliEco News Tester EA, please request it at