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Are you prepared to incorporate trading volumes into your analysis, gaining a more precise perspective on trends and crucial levels? AliVWAP harnesses the power of Volume Weighted Average Price, delivering laser-sharp insights into the delicate balance between price and trading volume. 


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Navigate the Alien Economic Calendar News and Catch Skyrocketing Trades with Otherworldly Precision

Here’s how it will assist you in capturing those moves with alien precision:

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) represents the ratio of the price to the total volume traded within a specified time period. It provides a visual representation of how the current price relates to the average price based on trading volumes.

Ali VWAP also calculates the Standard Deviation Bands based on the VWAP. The default band settings are:


  • 1 Standard Deviation above and below
  • 1.5 Standard Deviations above and below
  • 2 Standard Deviations above and below

However, you have the flexibility to adjust these settings according to your preferences.

There are four types of VWAPs available:

  1. Session VWAP:  This is also referred to as anchored VWAP, where you define a start hour and an end hour.
  2. Daily VWAP
  3. Weekly VWAP
  4. Monthly VWAP

You have the option to display any combination of these four VWAPs on a graph, whether it’s just one, two, three, or all four, depending on your requirements.

To ensure the chart remains clean, you can choose the number of VWAPs to look back on and display. For example, you can choose to show only the VWAPs from the last three sessions.


If you require multiple sessions within a day, you can apply the indicator to the chart more than once, each time with different settings.

Why to use AliVWAP Indicator for MT5?

? Visual Clarity, Informed Choices:

The intuitive interface paints a clear picture of how prices align with the average price based on trading volumes. This visual understanding enables you to make decisions rooted in real-time data, ensuring you’re always steps ahead of the curve.

? Precision Standard Deviation Bands:

Ali VWAP goes beyond the ordinary by calculating Standard Deviation Bands, offering you an exceptional range of insights. With adjustable settings, you’re in control of your strategy, optimizing your potential gains and minimizing risks.

? Tailored VWAPs for Every Need:

Whether you’re a session-focused trader or prefer longer time frames, Ali VWAP caters to your unique requirements. Choose from Session VWAP, Daily VWAP, Weekly VWAP, or Monthly VWAP, and display them individually or together, aligning with your trading goals.

? Limitless Flexibility:

Harness the freedom to experiment and explore. Attach Ali VWAP to your chart multiple times, each with distinct settings. Craft strategies that adapt to any market condition and watch your success soar.

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How do I receive the Indicator?

After the payment is received, and we have your account number for licensing, within approximately 24 hours, you will find your product on the website, under your account’s downloads section. So, log in to your account, go to “My Account,” and then click on “Downloads.”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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How many licenses do I receive?

You will receive three licenses with a validity of one year.

To obtain licenses, you need to provide us with your account number. You don’t need to activate all the licenses at the same time; you can request them throughout the year.

When purchasing the product, please provide your account number in the “Details” section on the order finalization page. Additionally, you can send us the account number for which you want the license at