AliEco News EA for MT5


Navigate the Alien Economic Calendar News and Catch Skyrocketing Trades with Otherworldly Precision.
AliEco News AutoTrader intelligently analyzes the economic calendar and executes trades automatically based on your predefined parameters.

It saves you time and effort by swiftly responding to market-moving news events.

Tailor your trading approach to your exact specifications. Set your own inputs and let the robot do your work even if you are not in front of the computer.

With AliEco News AutoTrader, you’re always in control.

AliEco Calendar News AutoTrade EA for MT5 captures market moves during economic news events with precision.

AliEco News utilizes the MQL Calendar in MetaTrader 5 to place two orders (buy stop and sell stop) before the news release according to your preferences.

You can configure the EA to place the orders a specific number of seconds before the news release.

Once an order is activated, the other is automatically deleted, ensuring only one trade at a time to avoid conflicts.


The EA provides advanced risk and money management options, including:

  • moving the Stop Loss to Breakeven after a specified profit level,
  • trailing the Stop Loss,
  • scaling out a percentage of the volume to secure profits.

Additionally, AliEco News allows selective trading based on:

  • news priority (high importance, medium importance, low importance),
  • currency, and
  • specific time intervals (if the news is at 9 a.m., you can set the EA to trade only between 08:55 and 09:05.).

All these options provide you with flexibility and control over your trading decisions.

Please note that the EA cannot be tested due to the inability of testers to view news events. However, you can manually test the reaction of the price when news is released on your own chart and evaluate the profitability of trades.

Take into account that slippage may occur, causing orders to activate at different levels than those placed by the EA.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend testing the EA on a demo account and fine-tuning the parameters based on the specific currency pair you trade. The results can vary depending on the parameters you set.

We encourage you to test and customize the settings according to your preferences. Take a look at the calendar history, select a few news events, analyze the price movements on the chart, and use that information to set your own parameters.

While new event trading may have a high win rate, it's important to remember that trading always involves risk, and by using this EA, you acknowledge and accept that risk. It's crucial to exercise proper risk management and trade responsibly.

Here are some settings recommendations:

Recommended News Events to trade:

  • CPI
  • GDP
  • Employment/ Unemployment
  • Interest Rate
  • Retail Sales


  • Seconds Before News: 30
  • Minute For Orders Expiration: 3
  • Points Above/ Bellow For Buy/Sell Stop Orders: 100-250
  • Take Profit In Points: 250-500
  • Stop Loss In Points: 125-250

Account recommendations:

  • Use ECN/ Raw Spread trading account
  • Min Balance, $500
  • Use a top broker. Our recommendation:

When you order AliEco Calendar News, you will receive three licenses with a validity of one year.

To obtain licenses, you need to provide us with your account number. You don’t need to activate all the licenses at the same time; you can request them throughout the year.

When purchasing AliEco Calendar News, please provide your account number in the “Details” section on the order finalization page. Additionally, you can send us the account number for which you want the license at

After the payment is received, within approximately 24 hours, you will find your product on the website, under your account’s downloads section. So, log in to your account, go to “My Account,” and then click on “Downloads.”


When you pay by card, you will see the total amount converted from Euros to Lei, as we are a company from Romania.

The price for you remains the same.


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