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Do you want to see the results that AliEco News EA would have obtained this year?

Download the EA that simulates trades based on economic calendar news events, recommended for use with AliEco News EA.

Do you want to test AliEco News EA?

AliEco News EA is our main product that enables you to trade the Economic Calendar with precision. However, due to Meta Trader 5’s limitation in allowing us to connect the Economic Calendar to the platform tester, you are unable to test AliEco News EA in the tester and view the results.

To address this issue, we developed another EA, AliEco Tester EA, where we incorporated the dates of the main economic calendar news and replicated the strategy of AliEco News EA.

It’s important to note that AliEco News EA and AliEco Tester EA are two separate EAs. The latter, the TESTER, allows you to preview the results in the tester for AliEco News EA before making the decision to purchase it.

How to use the tester?

1. Download the tester.

2. Copy it into your “Experts” folder from your Meta Trader 5 platform.

3. Open your strategy tester (View => Strategy Tester).

4. In Strategy Tester select “Visualize”.

3. From “Expert” select AliEco Tester.

4. Select a symbol (no matter the symbol because the EA places orders on GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF based on economic calendar news date).

5. Select period 2023.01.01 – 2023.11.01.

6. Modeling “Every tick”.

7. If you want to use other inputs different from the default ones, you can change them from “Input” tab from the bottom of the window.





This tool works with all the news and pairs shared with ATH Discord Members, in the ‘ath-library.

Keep in mind, that the actual results might be a bit different in real situations because of spread/ slippage.

Still, it gives you a good idea of how the strategy performs.

The past results cannot guarantee future outcomes.

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