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Are you tired of manually analyzing and trading range highs/lows or/ and session highs/lows?

Want an expert advisor that can not just one, but two openings range high/low or two sessions high/low?

Meet Ali Two Ranges Highs/Low, your automated trading companion, who executes your trading plans flawlessly, without being influenced by emotions.


Hold onto your trading hats because it's about to get even more exciting!

With Ali Two Ranges, not only can you trade two ranges of your choice, but you also have the power to decide whether to trade the breakout, reversal or fake breakout.

Read till the end to unveil the extraterrestrial power of Ali Two Sessions High/Low.



Opening Range High/ Low is one of the most popular strategy on the world. And gues what? It’s a tried-and-true approach that has stood the test of time.

With Ali Two Ranges High/ Low you can trade not just one, but two opening range high/lows automatically!

For example, you can trade both London Open and New York Open.
Or maybe you want to trade 1-hour and 15-minutes opening range in the same time.

You have the freedom to trade on your terms and optimize your trading performance.

And guess what? You can even trade with seconds of precision, like a lightning-fast 30-second opening range strategy used on indices.

Get ready to ignite your trading with Ali Two Ranges—excitement awaits!



There are a lot of strategies based on previous session high/low, overnight session high/low, or the highs and lows of sessions like Asia, London, or New York.

With Ali Two Ranges High/ Low extraordinary power you cand bring these strategies to life like never before!

The EA has the power to start the range in the previous day and end it in the current day. Isn’t it amaising?

You can automated trade levels as Asia Session High/ Low, London Session High/ Low, New York Session High/ Low or any othe time interval, according to your desires and preferences

You have the freedom to choose when the range start and when it ends.
Embrace the incredible flexibility and customization offered by Ali Two Ranges High/Low!

Let’s recap the incredible possibilities that await you with Ali Two Ranges High/Low:

Trade two opening range high/low timeframes within the same session.

For example, you can conquer the New York Open with a 1-hour range High/Low and a 15-minute range High/Low. Double the opportunities, double the potential for profits!

Engage in trading two opening range sessions.

Experience the excitement of the London session with a 1-hour range, and then swiftly transition to the New York session with a 15-minute range. Maximize your trading potential by capitalizing on multiple sessions!

Dive into the world of two sessions’ high/low.

Seamlessly trade the full Asia Session’s High/Low and conquer the London Session’s High/Low. This powerful combination allows you to harness the unique characteristics of each session for optimal trading success.

Embrace the freedom to customize.

Choose any custom interval that aligns with your trading preferences. With Ali Two Ranges High/Low, you have the flexibility to select the starting time in the previous day and the ending time in the current day. Tailor your trading strategy to fit your unique style!

And that’s not all…

When it comes to trading these levels, Ali Two Ranges High/Low offers you the freedom to choose the approach that suits you best.

Take a look at the exciting options:

Aggressive Breakout:

The EA opens trade when the price breaks range high/ low.

With this option you can ride the wave of momentum as you aim to capture swift and significant price movements. This approach is perfect for traders who thrive on high-risk, high-reward strategies.

Breakout Pullback:

EA opens trade when a candle close is above/ below the high/ low and the price retest the high/ low.
This method allows you to potentially capture favorable risk-to-reward ratios.


The EA opens trade when the price touches the range high/ low.

The EA uses the range high/ low as support and resistance level. This option treats highs and lows as turning points in the market. By trading reversals, you can seize opportunities as trends change direction, potentially maximizing your profits.

False/ Fake Breakout:

EA opens a trade when a candle closes above or below the specified levels, Ali Two Ranges High/Low waits for another candle to close inside the range.
By effectively filtering out false breakouts, Ali Two Ranges High/Low helps you avoid entering trades prematurely and potentially falling victim to market traps.

Risk Management Master

Elevate your risk management like a seasoned pro with Ali Two Ranges High/Low. Take advantage of the following risk management options:

Stop Loss and Take Profit:

Set your stop loss and take profit levels as a percentage of the range. This allows you to establish predefined risk-reward ratios and maintain discipline in your trading.


Choose to trade with fixed lots or a percentage of your account. This empowers you to align your position sizing with your risk tolerance and overall account balance.
Break-Even Stop Loss: Safeguard your profits by automatically adjusting the stop loss to break even after the trade has moved in your favor. This feature helps you protect your capital and minimize potential losses.

Trailing Stop:

Maximize your gains by implementing a trailing stop. As the trade moves in your favor, the stop loss will trail the price, allowing you to capture more profit in a dynamic market environment.

Scale Out:

Secure a portion of your profits by scaling out of your position. This strategy enables you to lock in gains while still allowing the remaining portion of your trade to potentially capitalize on further market movements.

With Ali Two Ranges High/Low, you have a comprehensive set of risk management tools at your disposal. Tailor your risk management approach to your specific needs and trading style, ensuring that you maintain control over your trades and protect your capital. Trade with confidence knowing that you can effectively manage your risk with Ali Two Ranges High/Low by your side!

Personalizing the settings to meet your specific needs has never been easier with Ali Two Ranges High/Low.

Take a look at the range of customizable options available:


  • Choose the precise start and end times of the range, down to the very seconds. This level of precision ensures that you have full control over when the range is initiated and concluded.
  • Decide on the time at which you want to close positions if the stop loss or take profit levels have not been reached. Tailor it to align with your trading strategy and risk management approach.

Trade Settings:

  • Define your position size according to your preferences. You have the flexibility to choose between a fixed volume or a percentage of your account balance. This allows you to align your position sizing with your risk tolerance and trading goals.
  • Set your stop loss and take profit levels as a percentage of the range size. This allows you to establish predefined risk-reward ratios that suit your risk appetite.
  • Customize your risk management approach. Options include implementing a break-even stop loss, trailing stop, or scaling out (closing a portion of your position) when you are in profit. This empowers you to manage your trades effectively and protect your gains.

Filter Settings:

  • Select the direction of trades that you want to enter, whether it’s only buy, only sell, or both. This customization ensures that you align your trading with your market outlook and strategy.
  • Choose the number of trades you want to take. This flexibility allows you to control the frequency of trades based on your preferences and trading style.

In the next photo, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the options available for the two ranges. Dive into the customization possibilities and craft a trading experience that perfectly suits your needs and goals. With Ali Two Ranges High/Low, you have the power to personalize your trading settings and unlock your full trading potential!


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